10 Tips for your Wedding Stationery

Planning, planning and more planning.


If we didn’t mention it enough, planning is pretty important… If you can, order your stationery early to lower the stress levels. You’ll have enough to think about as the big day approaches. A month or two in advance is perfect, but we know it’s not always do-able. Another important pointer, if you’re considering other options on top of save the dates and invitations, discuss it in your initial chat. We offer discounts when multiple items are purchased together (and everybody loves a discount).


Make it represent your day


When you’re planning your invites, tell us all the details about your big day. Not only do we love hearing about the amazing days that our customers are planning, but it helps us tie everything together. Let us know what’s different about your wedding and we’ll make sure that your guests are getting just as excited about it as you are.


Decide your wording and don’t forget the address


With so much to think about, it’s often easy to forget the big details. But first of all, make sure that your wording represents you as a couple and your wedding day. Often neglected, the wording on your invite can spell out your personalities, your love for each other and still manage to tell everyone the correct address. Speaking of addresses, make sure it’s on there (postcode, too, for those using the Sat Nav), along with any other information your guests will need. Remember who, what and where. Sometimes, why and how are worth getting in there, as well.


Bold is Beautiful, Simple is Special


We love big, bold and beautiful designs, but it’s important to remember that your guests need to read and easily understand the information on your invite. It’s all too easy to turn up at the wrong church, right? So, make sure that stationery shines with the light of a thousand suns, but don’t blind your guests in the process.  It’s important that the information that your trying to convey is clear and obvious, and not over shadowed by the design.


Not all invitations are the same


Maybe we’re biased, but we like designs with distinction. As we mentioned in our second point, this day is about you and your partner, and there are no two people and no one relationship in the world that is the same. Let’s make sure that your invitations tell your guests that. That’s why much of the work Design and the Bear does is completely bespoke; we love those individual differences.


Confirm your dates before you go to print


This one works across the board. Check, check and check again. A bride and groom very close to our hearts (ok, it was our founders) discovered that their caterer had booked them in for the correct date… The year after their wedding day. So use your stationery as an excuse to check everything. We’ve heard of churches, reception venues and even celebrants being double booked. Ensure your dates are all tied up so your guests won’t do the same. Plus, it’s never fun to have to reprint all of your beautifully designed stationery and it’s a cost your purses / wallets don’t want.


Know who’s coming


When writing up your guest list confirm who lives where and with who. You don’t need to send three invitations to one household unless you want a particular guest to receive an invite. Following that, keep your list of addresses. You never know when you might need it again.


Order Extra


We always encourage our brides and grooms to order a few extra. Accidents happen at home, dogs eat more than homework and the postman might misplace your best friend’s invitation. The consensus is to order 10 more than you need, but if you’re planning to address them with a cup of coffee next to you, maybe add a few extra…


Postage and the all-important RSVP


Where, when and how.
Where do your guests reply and how? If you’re using a website, then make sure you put the URL, if they’re posting a RSVP back include the address. If you’re kind enough to include an SAE, we’d advise that you put the address somewhere else as well. Envelopes have a habit of going missing. Finally, when do they need to respond by? Give them enough time to plan, but not enough to put it on the ‘to-do’ pile. More importantly, give yourself enough time to plan. Table plans are on a par with mathematical equations once your factor in politics, friendship groups and the introvert / extrovert balance.


Thank you cards, comment cards and a whole lot more.


This one is up there with the first point, but it bears repeating. There are so many options available, it’s easy to get lost in all the excitement, so try to remember the important things and try and order them all at the same time if you can.