5 Top tips for logos that we live by

Know where you’ve come from and where you’re going


The history of your brand and the trajectory of your ascent are hugely important towards the development of your logo. You need to be sure of your own brand values and the voice with which you engage your audience, otherwise it will always be subject to change depending on your mood, or which of your team is talking. Before you start the logo creation process, discuss the brand within your team and set down some cast iron rules about how you engage with your audience now and will do in the future. Your logo will need to reflect these consistently throughout the journey of the business.


Try something new to get your brand recognised but don’t overdo it


When creating a new logo or revamping an existing one, the enthusiasm to create something big, bold and exciting is undeniable and hard to escape. And rightly so, you want your logo to stand out from the crowd and ensure that your brand is discovered (and remembered) in amongst the noise of a dozen competitors and thousands of other brands. But don’t be drawn into the trap of thinking that something completely new and experimental is always the right direction. Make sure that your logo remains relevant to your brand values and that it doesn’t seem out of place in your industry. For example, tech start-up logos often look sharp and exciting, but they’re not the right style for a family baker.


Keep it simple and flexible


Your logo should be recognised anywhere and on any medium. But herein lies the challenge. As your logo use becomes widespread, you need it to maintain its flexibility. Does it reduce or expand in size without losing its punch? Do the intricate details that you wanted to include still shine through when it’s tucked the corner of a poster. Think about some of the greatest logo marks of the modern advertising age. They are often simple, yet bold and striking and can be recognised in and out of the context that you associate with them.


Know your industry and know your brand


It’s easy to get carried away with your branding, especially if your business is new and has been built from the ground up with your own toil and tears. But consider your place in your industry. Do you want to be seen as the quirky outsider or middle of the road and safe? What do your customers expect? Delve into your own motivations and never underestimate the use of user testing when developing your brand voice, image and ideas.


A splash of colour


The colours that you choose for your logo are more important than you’ll expect. Each holds different meaning and convey differing messages to your audience. Judgment of your brand can often come down to colour alone. Consider your own favourite (and least favourite) brands in the marketplace – especially those of your competitors. What do their colour schemes make you feel on an emotional level? Do they fit with the message they are trying to get across and why? Keep an eye out for our blog explaining the use of different colours in brands.