Ten Games and Crafts for Kids at Your Wedding

Picture Hunt


Chose a picture relating to the theme of your wedding – if you want to be super creative, find a fun cartoon character that represents this. We chose the quirky Studio Ghibli character ‘Totoro’ for our garden festival themed wedding who went down like a dream. Print your chosen character around 12 times, each with a number on and hide them in interesting places around your venue. Remember, if you have younger children attending, don’t do so many and make them easier to find! Make sure each child has a score sheet with corresponding numbers to mark off as they find them. You can find some examples of ours here.


Design a canvas


Buy enough small canvasses for each child to have one. Create a resource box containing items to help them design their very own canvas containing:
• Glue sticks
• Pages torn from magazines
• Crayons/ pencils
• Lollipops, string and other bits for sticking


Noughts and Crosses


Print off lots of copies of our Noughts and Crosses templates here and make sure there are enough writing utensils!


Giant Garden Games


Keep an eye out in supermarkets as they lead up to the spring as you’ll often find some super giant games for great prices. Giant Jenga, Connect Four and card games are always a big hit with the children and adults. Most garden centres will sell these all year round.


Fruit People


If you’ve opted to have a fruit basket for the children, why not pop a box next to it with fun bits to dress up their fruit in. Avoid anything too small that could be chocked on such as googly eyes, but by cutting out oversized eyes and glasses the same effect can be created. Innocent Smoothies do sweet little hats and scarves for their bottles so why not ask your friends to save them for you. By some sticky dots, and that’s it!


Sock Wedding


It’s probably safer to buy new socks for this one. It’s easier visually for children to use the traditional colours of black and white socks , but if your wedding outfits are slightly more colourful, don’t be afraid to get creative. Cut out some paper shapes to allow the children to create sock puppets of the entire wedding entourage.




What you have to do is…. Well we all know this. Pick up a few packs of snap cards (or even better “pairs” cards) and let them loose!


Story Sack


This one’s one of our favourites and is of course a little more of a commitment. The idea is that you chose a children’s book, pop it in a bag and fill the bag with props to help the children to recreate the story. For example, for “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” try and find a caterpillar teddy and lots of fruit.


I Spy


Depending on the age of the children, print off “I Spy” subjects in the form of words or photos. See our sample printouts here.


We’ve Got Talent


This one’s simple and can create hours of fun. Create an area outside during the day with a few seats for the judges, a “stage” area and any fancy dress items you can find around the house. Hats, wigs and glasses are always a hit and if you can dig out something to resemble a microphone even better. Grab a few funny props such as plastic flowers, cuddly toys and maybe even some juggling balls if you can get your hands on any. Create a sign out of cardboard called “We’ve Got Talent!” (or something more creative 😊) and prop it up. There you have it! Everything you need to initiate a mini talent show.